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Expresión gráfica arquitectónica no dibujada: una aproximación digital

Publicat a les actes del congrés EGA 2016: El arquitecto, de la tradición al siglo XXI. Docencia e investigación en expresión gráfica arquitectónica, Tomo I, pp. 217-224

Les actes completes es poden descarregar a: http://ega2016.com/programa-1/libro-ega2016/

Els autors som: Pau Solà-Morales; Josep Maria Toldrà; Josep M. Puche; Josep Maria Macias; Ivan Fernández Pino
Architectural Drawing and Architectural Graphic Expression (EGA) are well defined and known disciplines. But there are forms of architectural expression (such as photography or diagrams), which are not necessarily "drawings". In the last three decades, digital technology has offered architecture multiple forms of expression (digital photography, vector models, CAD), and has proposed multiple forms of structuring and organizing data (data modeling techniques, associative data models, database systems, etc.). The arrival of these data technologies to graphic expression requires the need to look at architecture from the point of view of data.