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PROJECTE BÀSIC I EXECUTIU, INTERVENCIÓ ALS PILARS DEL PATI DE LA TORRE DEL PRETORI, arquitectes: Josep M. TOLDRÀ, Pau SOLÀ-MORALES, Josep LLUÍS GINOVART, arqueòleg: Cristòfor SALOM, promotor: Ajuntament de Tarragona, any 2011

It was decided to dismantle the pillars of the project’s object and its subsequent reconstruction with a technical solution to ensure its survival. The solution is justified by the current state of artificial stone cladding, which is completely unrecoverable due to the corrosion of the internal reinforcement. Nor can we retain the inner support structure formed by bricks. Although it does not show serious pathologies, it is solidarily tied with the pieces of the outer cladding and its quality offers no constructive long-term guarantees. It has been decided, then, to rebuild the volume of the pillars, since they reproduce an origi-nal structure which is thoroughly documented. The reconstruction also restores the heritage values that contribute as fully integrated elements in the landscape of Tarragona, and by the fact that it is an intervention by one of Spain’s most important architects specializing in heritage in the twentieth century's: Alejandro Ferrant. The constructive solution adopted consists of a bond of Ulldecona stone blocks, reproducing the three preserved original courses, a material having a chromaticity similar but not identical to the stone of Mèdol used in the rest of the structure. This type of stone has a low sensitivity to environmental pollution and marine environment, which will ensure its durability.